Criminal Defense

The Sofia Law Firm provides representation at all stages of the criminal process including questioning by police, pre-filing representation, bond hearings, plea negotiation, trial, and violations of probation. Once you have been arrested, the State will generally file charges within the first few weeks. During that time, an experienced attorney may be able to prevent the State from filing any charges or convince them to file less serious charges than are alleged by the police. The Sofia Law Firm has successfully prevented the State from filing many domestic violence and drug charges and even charges as serious as attempted murder. 

The Sofia Law Firm provides legal representation in all criminal matters including:

  • Criminal Traffic
  • DUI
  • Drug Sale / Possession / Trafficking
  • Theft / Robbery
  • Domestic Violence
  • Assault / Battery
  • Burglary
  • Weapons & Firearms Charges
  • Fraud
  • Violation of Probation / Violation of Community Control

There are many criminal defense attorneys around. You may wonder what makes The Sofia Law Firm unique. Fairuze Sofia listens to your concerns and explains the process to you. She fights hard for all of her clients and strives for the best resolution that fits your specific situation. She is well versed in the various alternative programs available to someone charged with a crime and she is not afraid to go to trial. Fairuze Sofia has tried over 55 jury trials, numerous non jury trials and violations of probation.

The Sofia Law Firm has extensive experience dealing with “Immigration Holds” of people who are arrested. An experienced attorney can obtain your release from custody even with an Immigration Hold.

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Client was found "passed out" at a stop sign in the early morning hour  with an open bottle of Hennessy in the front seat next to her.

VERDICT: Not Guilty 

CHARGE: Battery

Client was at a club with several co-workers. One of his co-workers was involved in an altercation with the alleged victim in this case. During trial the victim testified that the client had hit him in the head with a bottle of Grey Goose. While preparing the case, Fairuze discovered that the "victim" was actually a disbarred attorney from New York who had been convicted of Fraud Against the Government.

VERDICT: Not Guilty 

CHARGE: Battery

Client, a resident of the City of Hollywood, called the police department to report a burglary of her residence. The officer testified that upon his arrival the client punched him in the chest for no reason causing him to stumble backwards. Fairuze put forth evidence that the client suffered from a medical condition that made it impossible for her to punch someone, let alone punch with enough force to cause a 250 pound man to stumble backwards.

VERDICT: Not Guilty (even with a BSO Detention Deputy on the Jury) 

CHARGE: DUI (on a bicycle)

Client was riding his bicycle at night in his neighborhood when he was stopped by police for riding his bicycle without a light. Although he was minutes from his home, the officer arrested him for DUI. Fairuze was able to suppress the breath results in this case and ultimately the case went to trial.

VERDICT: Not Guilty

CHARGE: DUI w/ Property Damage

Client was accused of causing an accident while impaired by alcohol. Fairuze was able to get the driver of the other car to admit that he had not noticed any signs of impairment in the client, but had since hired an attorney and was suing the client in civil court. After the arresting officer testified, the presiding judge granted a motion to suppess during the trial. The Judge ulimately granted a Judgment of Acquittal.

VERDICT: Judgment of Acquittal granted by Judge 

CHARGE: Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon

Client was charged as a Felon in actual possession of a firearm which carries a 3-year minimum mandatory prison sentence. Two officers of the Fort Lauderdale Police Department testified that they observed the client pull a firearm from his waistband and throw it under a parked vehicle. Through cross examination Fairuze was able to reveal that the officers stories were not only absurd but conflicting.

VERDICT: After 8 hours of deliberation, the jury hung (4 not guilty - 2 guilty) at which point the State waived the minimum mandatory sentence and offered the client time served.

CHARGE: Tampering with Evidence

Client was accused of destroying alleged crack cocaine that was in his hand while walking down the street. Fairuze was able to show the jury that all three officers in the case had a different version of events.

VERDICT: Not Guilty